How To Rotate Videos on an Iphone

We all know that iphones have HD quality cameras which conveniently and effectively capture photos and shoot videos. They are in fact among the best if not the best phones that you can use to take videos. So if you are a person that likes to take videos to share on social media, you might have noticed that some of them appear to have been taken sideways when on social media despite being okay on the phone. The reason behind this is that you might have lightly turned the device sideways before you started recording thus shooting the videos in portrait mode without even realizing it.

So can this be fixed? Of course yes.App store offers a variety of applications that can help you to return your video to the intended orientation. iMovie is one of the applications.We are going to use it because it is free on the new iphone models.You can however download it for free if you have an older version. This application allows you to rotate your videos to 90, 180 and even 270 degrees. The steps required when using this application are simple but not very straight forward. They are as listed below.

– Open the iMovie application. – Look through the selection list and choose the video that you desire to rotate. Choose the share/action button. It appears like a square with an arrow pointing upwards out of it. – When the menu pops up, tap on the create movie button. – Using your two fingers, which should be slightly apart, drag the video into iMovie. Proceed to rotate your fingers towards the direction that you want to rotate your video to. A small white arrow should appear on your screen showing your chosen direction. – Tap on done if the video has been rotated to your desired direction. This button should be in the upper right corner. – Select the share button again, the square with an arrow pointing outwards out of it. – Tap on save video from the menu that appears. You can also choose to share your videos on social media or other devices using this option. – Choose the resolution that you would like to use to export your video. – I movie will then notify you that your video has been successfully exported in your photos library. You will be able to view your saved video here.

And that’s it. That is how to rotate a video on iPhone.

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